We’re so excited to be working toward Level 3 Certification on our neighborhood Arboretum. A huge round of applause goes to Judi Shellabarger, Club secretary, for almost single-handedly taking on this exhaustive project. The benefits to the neighborhood are many:

  • appreciation for our community trees and an understanding of how diverse our canopy is
  • great way to learn the tree names
  • helpful to homeowners trying to decide what trees to purchase
  • wonderful opportunity for neighbors and families to exercise as they walk our arboretum trails

As a part of our arboretum trail, we decided to stencil the tree leaf on the sidewalk near the labeled tree. As you walk along, look for the stenciled leaves.  It’s a great way to test your tree identification skills and if you can’t name the tree, just look for the sign nearby.  Thanks to “me + mrs. jones painted finishes” for the use of her stencil machine and Maddie Taylor for making the stencils!

The following garden club members+ neighbors  pitched in to help paint the leaves:  Robert Hatfield, Emily Marshall, John Browning, Kim Halyak, Judi Shellabarger, Gina Sweat, and Becky Frost.  It was a delightful day. We plan to finish the last of the leaves this spring.  We can always use more hands.