2020 is almost over! Hallelujah, I doubt anyone is sorry to see it go. Check out our garden club activities recap. We saw both wins and losses as we struggled to stay connected while being apart.


Loss-Due to Covid, we stopped having our monthly meetings. At first, we assumed it would be short-lived, but realized this would last the year.
Our board members met through Zoom, but struggled with all the technical issues. The Memphis Herb Society has given us tips on using Zoom.
Wins: We plan to host monthly zoom garden club meetings for 2021 starting in February. Stay tuned for our speaker calendar coming soon.


Loss: Due to covid, We cancelled our annual election party and holiday party.
—The club held a “secret santa” gift drawing among members. While it wasn’t as fun as our usual “dirty santa” event, it was lovely getting a present on the doorstep.
—Extended all officer positions another year through 2021.


Loss: We replaced stolen plants + removed trash from our neighborhood planters. Thank you club member, Jim Wilson, for tending to the containers.  
Wins: Our big project, “Spruce Up Bruce Street” is complete! We spent $2,900+:
— to limb up/prune 9 major trees
—planted 14 shrubs along the fence
—commissioned a “Welcome to Bruce Street” mural
—enlarged and improved the garden area with new borders and plants
—held 2 clean-up days
—weeded and mulched
—added a garden sign to honor Mr. + Mrs. Brown’s efforts over the years


Loss: 2020, cancelled our 5th Annual Garden Walk event, due to covid.
—Created an online Virtual Garden Walk, showcasing 28 neighborhood gardens.
—Added more 20 Memphis Gardens to our virtual walk.
—In Sept., Memphis Art + Design Week invited us to showcase more Memphis Gardens. We added 11 more virtual gardens.
—Oct. 8, we hosted a live Mini-Garden Tour featuring:
3 gardens in Cooper-Young, 3 gardens in Orange Mound, 2 in Soulsville, and 2 in Bartlett. Over 100 people toured the gardens, including a group from Tupelo, MS.
—Participated in 

                 2021 NEWS!!!


Mark Your Calendar:  May 15-16, 2021- 6th Annual Cooper-Young Garden Walk, barring covid restrictions. More information to follow in January.

—PLANT THE TOWN RED: Memphis City Beautiful will be asking Memphis to PLANT RED for 2021. Now is the perfect time to order seeds for red flowers, vegetables, and herbs. What red shrubs, trees and vines will you add for 2021?

       2021 SPONSORS:

A special shout-out to our first Signature Sponsor, Mike and Sarah Earnest, from Midtown Nursery, 2400 Poplar Avenue.  They’re closed for the winter, but will be back in the Spring!!!