Memphis Garden FAQS

The Wonderful World of Memphis Weather and Other Garden Facts You Should Know Before Getting Started.

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As a long time resident of Memphis, I CANNOT stress enough just how annoyingly unpredictable the weather can be here.  

That is why I created this quick guide to Memphis gardening. This way, no matter what kind of gardener you are, you can have a shot at creating the most beautiful Memphis style garden ever seen. All it takes is a little bit of hard work, as well as some basic knowledge of general Memphis weather (and other gardening facts you should know before getting started).

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Memphis Frost Facts


Memphis Growing Season Facts

  • Number days growing season = 236 DAYS


Memphis Humidity Facts

  • Relative Humidity = 64%


Memphis Moisture Facts

  • Driest months: August, September, October
      • Greg Touliatos suggests “Cut back on watering in Sept to stress plants and help them wind down for winter”
  • Wettest months: March, April, May, November, December


Memphis Hardiness Zone-7b

  • there are 11 separate zones in US + Southern Canada)
  • (each zone is 10 degrees warmer or colder in winter than the adjacent zone)
  • The higher the number the warmer the gardening temps——
  • Before 1990 Memphis was  zone 7, -in 1990, it changed to 7a, in 2012, it changed to 7b
  • The new map is generally one 5°F half-zone warmer than the previous map throughout much of the US


Memphis Rain Facts

  • Annual Rainfall = 61.6″


Memphis Soil Facts

  • Soil PH tends to be acidic


Memphis Snow Facts

  • Annual Snowfall = 0.3″


Memphis Sunshine Facts

  • % of Days with Sunshine = 64%


Memphis Temperature Facts

  • Average Overall temperature = 65.8 F
  • Average Summer Temperature = 84.2 F
  • Average Winter Temperature = 45.6 F


Memphis Water Facts

  • Water bill: 100 cfw=748 gallons, city charges $1.83 per 748 gal water based on 2015 rates


Memphis Wind Facts

  • Wind direction: summer—usually west to east, winter—northwest to southeast


Anything Else?

Hopefully, this guide should give you a good idea as to what Memphis weather is really like. Otherwise, if there is anything that you think should be mentioned on this page, let us know in the comments box! 🙂

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