What’s the difference between a garden and a yard? 

A garden is intentionally planned, filled with plants, and has a sense of enclosure.  If you’re looking to create a beautiful, functional garden then this page will lead you to the best garden design links out there.

***If you live in the Memphis area, start here first for important MEMPHIS GARDENING FAQ’S on average temps, rainfall, frost dates, and more.

Designer Interviews-

Want to know the best and worst plants for urban gardens? Ways to minimize maintenance? Easy tip for a quick wow factor? Read on.

Design Links- 

Whether you’re a novice or expert gardener, you’re sure to find inspiration and gain knowledge from these in-depth garden design articles, ppt’s, blogs, and pdf’s.

Art + Statuary-




Color Theory-

Design Terms + Tips-

Definition, explanation , examples of Garden Design Terminology.

Historic Designs-

Lawns + Negative Space-




Water Features-

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