Wc & Cornelia McDaniel’s Garden

    This stunning, bold garden glows with vibrant stained-glass colored plants, whimsical “yardifacts” and tons of prehistoric artifacts. You’ll even be able to purchase some of the rocks so you can make your own jurassic park garden.



    Homeowners:      Wc + Cornelia McDaniel

    Address: Central Avenue

    Neighborhood:  Idlewild

    Garden Age: 32 years, more for the trees


    • Trees: Hackberry, Sweet Gum, Gingko(grown from collected seed),  smoke  tree ,water oak and several dogwoods
    • Shrubs:  azaleas
    • Vines: turkey, ivy, ajuga
    • Perennials: hostas, several wildflowers
    • Other:  alocasia, banana  trees, elephant ears
    • Annuals: pansies, marigolds, vinca,  begonia, purple  heart, & tropical plants
    Garden Philosophy: “Nature &Yardifacts hook up with Southern Feng Shui”

    Favorite Garden Tip : It is your garden. Let it be you!

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