Stone Soup Cafe


    Come eat where all the locals do. Best home-cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Passed along plants and recycled materials are what’s on display: pots, fences, and cacti, herbs, succulents, banana tree. Beautiful businesses attract more customers.  

    • Homeowners:  Sharron Johnson     
    • Address:   993 S. Cooper Street
    • Circa: 1903                 
    • Garden Age:   9 years
    • Song circle:  Every Sat. 6pm-9pm
    • Website:  

    • Trees:  Hackberry, 
    • Shrubs: azaleas, roses, privet, 
    • Vines: 
    • Perennials: Banana Plants, succulents, prickly pear, 
    • Herbs:  rosemary, salvias, 
    Garden Philosophy:   Gardening shouldn’t cost a thing, only time”. Seeds, saplings, pass-a-long plants, and recycled materials make your garden unique.    

    Favorite Garden Tip:  Herbs are the ideal plants to grow for low maintenance upkeep.  They like it hot and dry, perfect for our Memphis climate.   

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