Biodynamic Carbon

    Sequestration Machine

    Biodynamic Carbon

    Sequestration Machine

    The owners call their garden a Regenerative Subsistence Agriculture & Native Plant Sanctuary. Mile + Caroline strive to cut their carbon footprint + chemical intake by growing food instead of turf. (Lawn=Yawn). Plant a native Redbud instead of a Bradford Pear and create habitat for wildlife.Your landscape is an opportunity not a liability. Be a steward!

    Homeowners:   Mike Larrivee + Caroline Norris   Address:  Nelson Avenue

     Circa: 1922     Garden Age:  7 years

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    • Trees: Redbud, Serviceberry, Witchazel, American Plum, PawPaw, Persimmon, Hazelnut, Arrowleaf Virburnum, Seargant Crabapple, Elderberry, Black Willow, Tupelo
    • Shrubs:  Spicebush, Buttonbush, New Jersey Tea, Virginia Sweetspire, Fothergilia, American Beautyberry, Hearts a Bustin, Native Azaela, Buckeye, Winterberry, Ninebark, Grey Dogwood, Staghorn Sumac, Shrubby St Johns
    • Vines: Crossvine, Coral Honeysuckle, Virginia Creeper, Muscadine
    • Perennials:  Coneflower, Milkweed, TN Bellflower, Rudbekia, Phlox, Mountain Mint, Louisiana Iris, Coreopsis, Ironweed, Sedges, Prairie Grasses, Aster, Blazing Star, Rose Mallow, Anise Hyssop, Green and Gold
    • Annuals/Vegetables:  Too many to list
    Garden Philosophy:   Stolen from Dr. Tallamy :  “Garden like life depends on it”.

    Favorite Garden Tip:  Add compost!

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