Share Your Garden

Share Your Garden

 May 21-22, 2022. The deadline to register is Feb. 15, 2022.

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About Being A Host

Who can register for the 2022 garden walk?

Any resident or business owner in the Cooper-Young neighborhood.  If you have a spot of green that makes you proud, others will love it, too. By hosting your garden, you’re helping to make the Cooper-Young neighborhood a more beautiful, sustainable place while inspiring our many visitors to do the same.

There is no fee to enter your garden in the walk, which is held rain or shine.  This annual event is part of the CY Garden Club’s larger efforts to make our neighborhood a more beautiful, vibrant community to live, work, and play.

To participate, please complete the online application:    or print off paper form and submit by Feb. 15th. You will receive a confirmation email once you are registered.

By the way, visitors to the walk look for areas on the map with lots of dots.  Encourage your neighbors to participate.  Instant street makeover!!!

I'm worried my garden isn't fancy enough.

“Our walk is non­competitive and open to any gardener in Cooper Young, from the beginner to seasoned gardener”. People love our garden walk because our gardens are authentic and full of CY personality.

Our garden walk visitors range from novice gardeners to master gardeners. They are looking for beautiful, unique spaces to draw inspiration and education. As long as your garden has been taken care of with a little TLC and of course, some good ole fashioned Memphis green(s) and other colorful plants and gardening features, we want you to be a part of our annual walk.

It’s a great motivator to get all your garden projects done…!  Whew, won’t that be lovely? 

If your garden has some “unfinished areas”, then use the 27 HUMOROUS SIGN Sheet below  to “make lemonade out of lemons”. Mark off areas you don’t want visitors walking in with tape and signs.

27 Humorous Signs for Messy Gardens

Did the snowstorm of February 2021 leave shrubs and trees looking dead, even if they’re not?  Don’t despair!  Every gardener in the Mid-South is dealing with the same issues. Put a humorous sign in front, and assume your plants will recover for next year.  

  • Snowmageddon 2021 was here……..still recovering.
  • Plant ICU — but on the road to recovery.
Why don't you limit the gardens to just the "best ones"?

Our garden walk’s goal is to invite all neighbors to participate.  Every gardener starts at the beginning and grows in knowledge and skill over time. There are no “Best gardens”. We firmly believe in “trickle up gardening”….the more gardens involved, the faster the neighborhood grows in beauty and community pride.

What can I do to "up the wow factor" of my garden?
  • Play soft classical, jazz, or mood music for ambiance
  • Display pictures of your “before” and “after” garden
  • Add art, whimsy, humor, containers …pinterest has great ideas.
  • Visitors love seeing plants labeled.
  • Stage your patio with outdoor table settings
  • Add humorous signs to unruly garden areas. 

● Don’t forget to have a garden visitor notebook, so visitors can leave positive comments



How will visitors find my garden?

All gardens are listed on the Garden Walk map and online garden walk booklet.  Ticket buyers will be sent a pdf of the garden walk booklet ahead of time.
Open gardens are marked with official “Cooper Young Garden Walk” gold and teal signs in front yards. Each sign will be marked to indicate what parts of the garden are open to the visitors—front, side, back. 

Will I have volunteers to help me?

Homeowners who show both their front + back gardens (Secret gardens) will have volunteers for 2 shifts.  That gives you the opportunity to take a break, grab something to eat, or go visit the other gardens.

What can I do to help with the walk?

Thank you for asking.  We are a small group of volunteers and we welcome your help.

  1. Like, share, and follow our FB Page.
  2. Hang up our beautiful garden walk posters at work, church, libraries, businesses, etc. P/U at 899 Blythe in March.
  3. Invite all your friends, family, and neighbors to attend our garden walk.
  4. Buy garden tickets for friends, family, employees.
  5. Be a sponsor of the walk.
  6. Donate an item for our early bird ticket sales.
  7. Send us pictures of your garden so we can post on our website.


What special activities are planned?

We love to tout our neighborhood.  Visitors can expect:

  • Garden Walk T-shirt new design
  • Mini-Talks on sustainability, growing edibles, arranging flowers, medicinal plants, composting, aquaponics, and more.
  • Restaurant and shop discounts during this weekend.
  • CY artist studios
  • Shuttle Bus hosted by Backbeat Tours
  • Art Vendors
  • Neighborhood party atmosphere


Is it ok to promote my business or hobby?

Sure, our neighborhood is known for imany creative residents.  You are welcome to have business cards, flyers, and samples available.

Remember:  No religious or political literature permitted!

Nominate a garden for the tour.

There are many undiscovered beautiful gardens in our neighborhood.  Is it your garden, a neighbor’s, or a garden you’ve had a chance to peek at as you’ve passed by? Many garden owners think their garden has to be magazine worthy to show it.  Not at all, most visitors are looking for doable, take-home ideas for their own gardens.

If you have or know about a garden that deserves a wider audience, please let us know.  We’re always looking for new gardens to grow our Garden Walk.

Please email us at with the:

  • Address
  • Owner’s name if you know it
  • Phone number and email if you know it of the owner.

We’re happy to reach out to them.  Thank you!