V & E Greenline Idlewild Garden

This community garden, located on the V&E Greenline, is a treasure for the Idlewild-Volintine area.  Enjoyed by the whole neighborhood, it provides beauty, edibles and herbs, and a chance for the  community to work together to maintain it.

Gardeners are:  Mary Wilder,  Teresa Nelson, Dennis Ostrow, K Paterson, Gwen + Evie, and many more helpers from V&E Greenline Committee.

Address: Idlewild off Tutwiler dead end into the V&E Greenline

Neighborhood: Vollintine-Evergreen

Garden Age: 30 years


  • Perennials/Annuals: day lilies, salvias, 4-oclocks, anise, lantana, coneflowers, basil, black-eyed susans, phlox, yarrow, larkspur, opal basil, fennel and so much more.

Garden Philosophy:  Gardens are for pleasure, they should be fun, visual, and have some element of engagement.


Favorite Garden Tip : Garden by subtraction.  Plant lots of perennials, natives if possible and easy reseeded annuals.  Have sections, wait and see what comes back, then subtractor move what you don’t want. We have a place for folks to get the “subtracted” plants.

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