Entertaining is Easy!

Entertaining is Easy!

My background colors are teal, royal blue, and white.  I like to have different sections in my garden.  A socializing place, a quiet place, a bbq spot, shady spot, a place for the birds, and a fountain for bubbling water.

Homeowners: Val + David Makarsky     Address: Meda Street Circa:  2018      Garden Age: 8 months

  • Trees:  Banana
  • Shrubs:  Boxwoods, sweet olive, hydrangeas
  • Vines: moonflower, morning glories
  • Perennials: hostas, cannas, ferns, mums, pink-heart, lamb’s ear, lavender, black-eyed susans, shasta daisies, coneflowers, ginger
  • Annuals:  cosmos, zinnas, marigolds
Garden Philosophy:  I don’t have one yet.

Garden Tip:  Start early, cleaning out beds and then stay on top of them.  Weed daily.

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