This garden delights the eye at every turn of the head.  From the front of the garden to the back garden, Tom’s building and designing skills are on view. Unique roof gardens, relaxing pond, unusual slate walll red bridge, and colorful planters make this garden a showstopper.

Homeowners:  Tom + Laurie Rieman

Address: Honeybee Lane, Bartlett Woods

Garden Age:  39 years


  • Trees:  sky pencil, sweetgum, Japanese Maple, maples, Weeping Cherry, dogwoods, cedar, Mimosa, ginkgo
  • Shrubs: azaleas, barberry, roses, bamboo, spirea, rosemary, winterberry, hydrangeas, blackberries, beautyberry, forsythia
  • Vines: clematis, jasmine, pyracantha
  • Perennials: sedums, foamflower, hostas, coneflowers, sages, phlox, ferns, milkweed, cardinal flower, lavender

Garden Philosophy: Gardening is a lifelong hobby. There is always something new to learn as you age and grow with your garden.

Favorite Garden Tip : Garden design begins inside your home. Plan to create beautiful views into the garden from your home so you can enjoy your garden even when you can’t be outside.

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