This experienced gardener has made her garden space larger by dividing it into 3 separate gardens that weave plants, garden art, and stylish hardscaping to create an outdoor living space that’s a welcome refuge. 

Homeowners: Suzanne Allen

Address: Fleetwood Avenue

Neighborhood:  Fleetwood Estates

Garden Age:  4 years

Favorite Quote:  This garden was made by doing impractical things that we could not afford at the wrong time of the year.


  • Trees:   peach, Japanese Maple
  • Shrubs: Hydrangeas, spireas, 
  • Vines: clematis, 
  • Perennials: hostas, ferns, lilies, zinnias, astilbe
  • Vegetables: cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, herbs

Garden Philosophy:

I’m an experimental gardener. I love to try new plants and new techniques. I’m constantly adding, subtracting, and rearranging!
We have three garden areas. The front garden is structured around the idea of a “potager.”  Potager is the French name for a kitchen garden (my ancestry is French.)  The traditional elements are that the garden is enclosed, has beds and paths, and includes fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I’ve done the best I can with this space!
The pool garden is designed to be lush and cool. We had a big change last spring when we lost a large tree, but so far everything seems to be doing well. 
The shed garden is a conglomeration of different plants and art. I walk through it a lot while doing various garden chores, so I love to see how it changes through the seasons. 
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