This garden is a beacon of beauty at a very busy intersection.  The neighborhood beautification group began an IOBY project to raise funds for a mural, plants, and benches. Future plans include solving the trash problem from surrounding businesses, adding additional plants, and finding doable ways to beautify the surrounding 3 corners. Watch how this meaningful historic spot blooms and grows with more community involvement.


Homeowners:  Soulsville Mural & Garden

Address: Intersection of Mississippi Blvd. + E. McLemore Ave.

Garden Age: 5 years


  • Trees:  
  • Shrubs: banana plants, ornamental grasses, azaleas, yucca
  • Vines: 
  • Perennials: salvia, purple shield, 

Garden Philosophy: This garden is a place for community gathering on a busy street. The mural highlights the cultural history of the neighborhood and brings great pride.

Favorite Garden Tip :  Ioby funding is a great way to help community groups raise monies for beautification.  Start small and watch your efforts bloom.

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