Upscale Delta Delight

Upscale Delta Delight

This garden marries cottage style with modern style for easy upkeep and chic good looks. Tin shed, large deck, and crushed limestone replaces grass while galvanized tin shines. Sharron’s compost comes from all the coffee grinds, egg shells, and veggies from her restaurant, Stone Soup Cafe. She generously shares with neighbors. 

Homeowners:    Sharron + Rex Johnson      Address:  Philadelphia Street  

Circa: 1910                Garden Age:   40 years


  • Trees:  Red Maples, dogwoods, Rose of Sharon, Crepe Mrytle, Serviceberry
  • Shrubs: viburnum, nandina, holly, boxwoods, spice bush, forsythia, hydrangeas, flowering almond, japonica, roses
  • Vines: honeysuckles, Carolina Jesmine, ivy, cypress vine, pepper vine, trumpet vine, vinca
  • Perennials: hostas, 4o’clocks,  peony, moneywort, goldenrod, ferns, sedums, shamrock, lenten roses, ajuga, tiger lilies, toad lilies, naked ladies, Mexican Nodding Bells, 

Garden Philosophy :  “Gardening should be free or pretty darn close”.  Seeds and pass-a-long plants created our garden sanctuary.  


Favorite Garden Tip:  #10 crushed limestone makes a wonderful ground cover for busy lifestyles. It’s permeable, easy to walk on, and low maintenance.

Enjoy a Recipe from the Gardener

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