This garden is serene right down to the last blade of grass. The front bungalow is draped in “Tangerine Beauty Cross Vine”. The back garden is divided into inspiring rooms: patio, entertaining, pond, and stylish she-shed, perfect for sitting and enjoying the wildlife. 

Homeowners:   Paige Arnold    Address: Young Avenue

 Circa:   1912     Garden Age:  30 years




  • Trees:  Saucer Magnolia, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Ornamental Japanese Maple, Diodora, Hackberry, White & Red Dogwood, White Crepe Myrtle, Rose of Sharon, Variegated Rose of Sharon, Weeping Youpon Holley, and a Baby Ginkgo
  • Shrubs: Standard Azaleas, Encore Azaleas & Bonsai Azaleas; Heirloom & Limelight Hydrangeas, Butterfly Bush, Standard, Rose & Native Gardenias, 50+ year old Privet (is now a tree with the base of it almost 2 feet wide)
  • Vines:  Orange Trumpet, Clematis (Purple, Deep Red, Pink & White), Wisteria, Jasmine (Standard Yellow & Confederate), Honeysuckle (Red), Wire Vine, Variegated & Deep Purple Sweet Potato Vine, English & Swedish Ivy, Standard & Variegated Creeping Fig, White, Apricot and Red Mandeville.
  • Perennials: Lavender, Black Eyed Susan, Cone Flower, Perennial Geranium, Crocus, Ice Plant, Lentin Rose, Jumbo, Mouse Ear, Standard & Variegated Hosta; Wood & Vintage Wood Ferns, Tulips, Hyacinth, Tick Weed.
  • Roses:  Lady Banks Rose, Yellow Rose of Texas, Climbing Hydrangea, Heirloom Roses (Pink, White, Apricot)
  • Annuals: Impatiens, Sunpatiens, New Guinneas, White Licorice, Variegated Ice Plant, Zinnias, Rose Begonias, Petunias, White, Pink & Purple Bacopa, Geranium, Caladium, Dusty Miller, Coleus, Mona Lavender, Button, Lemon Button, and Fairy Ferns, White Bleeding Heart.

Garden Philosophy. Plant what you love, but know where to plant it!  Network and share plants and flowers, including your wins & losses, with friends, family & neighbors.  Learn through trial and error. I plant what I’m attracted to   


Favorite Garden Tip:   I love color, but am a huge fan of simple green and white, and am always adding perennials, especially as I’m getting older, so there’s a little less work to do in the Spring with annual planting, but I’ll always have favorite Annuals.  I also love anything Evergreen, so there’s “life” through the winter months.  Gardening brings great peace to the soul, while offering a natural habitat and home for our birds, bees, butterflies, frogs (and all of the rest of our Midtown critters). 

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