Pen + Hive

This loved garden combines strong garden design with cottage-style structures, plants, veggies, herbs, and bees.  Read Michelle’s thoughtful blog for information on beekeeping, inspired living, and useful garden tips.

Homeowners: Michelle + Perry Short

Address: Marietta Cove

Neighborhood:  Ellendale

Garden Age:  28 years


  • Trees: Pine, river birch, Japanese maple, Bartlett pear, apple, peach, cedar, oak, crepe myrtle
  • Shrubs:boxwood, azalea, hydrangea, gardenia, blueberry, forsythia, camelia
  • Vines:Carolina jessamine
  • Perennials: thyme, parsley, rosemary, purple sage, peppermint, chocolate mint, catmint, chives, bee balm,  garlic chives, yarrow, oregano, roses, rudbeckia, strawberries, lamb’s ear, Hosta, alliums
  • Other:  kale, lettuce, borage, zinnias

Garden Philosophy: This garden is a place of refuge, and nourishment. It starts with the soil by practicing no-dig gardening and composting, then keeping it organic for birds, pollinators, and other small creatures.


Favorite Garden Tip : Create a plan and invest in your hardscape before you buy the first plant. 

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