Landmark Farmer’s Market + Garden

This blue building houses numerous activities that feed the soul of the community. 

  • Daily there is a Farmer’s Market from the produce that Mike and Karen grow on their 1/4 acre lot.  Visitors can see different growing methods:  in ground, hydroponics, and aquaponics.
  • The inside farmer’s market offers homegrown produce, prepared foods, herbal remedies, teas, and more.
  • Another building houses a food pantry for neighbors.

Homeowners:  Mike & Karen Minnis

Address:  2489 Carnes Avenue, Hours 11-3pm, M-F



  • Trees:  apple, peach, cherries, mulberry
  • Shrubs: Roses, blackberries, gogi berries
  • Vines: Black-eyed Susan vine, morning glory
  • Perennials: ferns, 
  • Vegetables: lettuces, tomatoes, greens, 

Garden Philosophy: “Eat Well to Live Well”.  We grow quality organic food and utilize earth-friendly sustainable agricultural practices. .

Favorite Garden Tip : Check out our youtube videos for garden tips.

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