This lawn-less front and back garden maximizes outdoor living with raised bed seating, great for entertaining and keeping pets out of the plants.  Crushed limestone creates a maintanence free walking surface softened by evergreen groundcovers.  Crowd favorites include:  screened porch with outdoor tub/shower, painted floors, auger fountain, recycled art, and multiple garden rooms.  100+ different plant varieties. Construction by Jim McCown.

  • Homeowners: Bill Schosser + Kim Halyak (founder-garden walk)    
  • Address: Blythe Street
  • Circa:  1902, two shotguns combined in 1935     
  • Garden Age: Front 8yrs, Back 4yrs.
Enjoy a Recipe from the Gardener

  • Trees:  Tulip Poplar, Little Gem Southern Magnolia, Fig, Weeping Yaupon
  • Shrubs:  Sweetspire,  Lorapetalum, Gardenia, Katrina Rose, Albertine  Rose, Viburnum, Boxwood, Native Azalea, Hydrangeas, 
  • Vines: clematis,  native honeysuckle, Japanese honeysuckle, Madison jasmine, 
  • Perennials: salvias, lilies, alliums, coneflowers, sedums, lavender, euphorbia, Christmas Holly, Lenten Roses, Peonies, Autumn Ferns, Solomon Seal, Cast Iron, liriope, 

Garden Philosophy  Almost everything in my garden is recycled.  The gridded screen porch panels are grocery store shelves; the augers came from Mississippi; the fountain base is my old attic fan box; rocks and boulders came from camping trips; and the Ellen’s Soul Food Sign came from the side of the road.  

Favorite Garden Tip  Painting your fence a dark color showcases the plants in front, making them “POP”.

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