Natives for Nature

Natives for Nature

Buzz and Judi Shellabarger’s garden has the traditional white picket fence and lots of azaleas.  Incorporated into the garden are native trees, shrubs, and flowers to bring in wildlife.  It’s a perfect garden to watch birds, bees, and butterflies.

Homeowners: Judi + Buzz Shellabarger      Address: Nelson Avenue

Circa:  1909                                                  Garden Age:  30 years

Judi is CY Arboretum Chair + Knows a ton about trees:  CY Arboretum


  • Trees: Yellowwood, Serviceberry, Crape Myrtle, Ash, American Plum, Weeping Yaupon Holly, American Fringe Tree
  • Shrubs:  Buttonbush, Strawberry Bush (Euonymus americanus), Azaleas, Leatherleaf Mahonia, Chinese Holly, Spirea
  • Vines:  Clematis, Passionflower, Moonflower
  • Perennials:  Peonies, Black and Blue Salvia, Coneflower, Sedum, Daylilies
  • Annuals:  Petunias, Impatiens
Garden Philosophy :  Put what you like in your garden.  It’s your place of refuge.  

Favorite Garden Tip :Native plants work best in our soil.  If you want nature in your yard, plant natives.

Enjoy a Recipe from the Gardener

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