4 Season Showstopper

4 Season Showstopper

This lovingly tended garden is always impeccably dressed with extravagant planters and urns.  It’s an unexpected mix of formal statues and hardscaping with colorful seating areas and quirky art pieces. Find a spot to sit, there are numerous choices, then delight in all the eye candy around you.  

Homeowners:  Jimmy Thomason + Tommy Langston     

Address:   Evelyn Avenue.   Circa:   1920      Garden Age:  20 years


  • Trees:  Tree of Heaven, Holly, Japanese Maple
  • Shrubs: Pom-Pom Holly,  Weeping Yaupon, Button Bush, Spiral evergreens
  • Vines: Virginia Creeper
  • Perennials: hostas, ferns, bleeding heart, solomon seal, cashmere bouquet
  • Vegetables:  tomatoes

Garden Philosophy: The closest place to “Heaven on Earth” is a beautiful garden.

Favorite Garden Tip:  Be good to your chickens, and they’ll be good to you.

Want to know about raising chickens, bees, and more?

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