A Southern Gentleman’s Garden

A Southern Gentleman’s Garden

A screened front porch and shady front garden, this bungalow has all the features for relaxing on a quiet summer night. Rocks and stones are used for decoration and walkways. The covered Wisteria arbor beckons you to the back garden — a screened porch, rock garden, fire pit and tons of plants. 

Homeowners:  Jim Wilson     Address: Elzey Avenue  Circa:   1922               

Garden Age:   20 years


  • Trees:  Crepe Myrtle 
  • Shrubs: Hydrangeas, rosemary, 
  • Vines: Trumpet vine, 
  • Perennials: hostas, ferns, lenten roses
  • Ground Cover:  ivy, liriope
Garden Philosophy:   In 20 years of gardening, I’ve had many failures. My advice is to work with what nature gives you and just embrace it. Your success comes from your knowledge and creativity. Let these become the stars of your show and allow nature to share as supporting characters.


Favorite Garden Tip : Find plants that like the conditions you already have in your garden. Don’t try and fight mother nature.

Enjoy a Recipe from the Gardener

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