When I purchased my duplex 20 years ago, my back yard was totally weeds.  My family gave me a glass top table and chairs for mother’s day one year and the next year they gave me a plum tree which promptly died and resurrected the following year as a peach tree.  I needed a place to put my table and chairs, so I designed and had my pergola built.  Then came the fence, landscaping, and finally the scuppernong trellis.  
Homeowners:    Eliza Martin   Address:   Young Avenue                  Garden Age:  17 years plus a “rebirth” last year when my neighbor’s tree fell across my yard and house.

  • Trees:  Peach, figs, dogwood
  • Shrubs: Limelight and mophead hydrangea,  viburnum, azalea
  • Vines: Scuppernong
  • Perennials: Climbing roses, ajuga, lilies, iris, chrysanthemum, hostas, coreopsis
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