Living the Life

Living the Life

Beautiful Blue/white front porch welcomes visitors and friends.  The trellised corner lot is covered with clematis and moonflowers. The backyard is a haven for growing vegetables + raising chickens.  Diane often hosts tai chi classes and women’s retreats in her garden.

Homeowners:   Diane Sable    Address: Evelyn Avenue

 Circa:     1925           Diane’s Business:  Artistic Body Movement Studio  


  • Trees:  Crepe Myrtles, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Red Maple, evergreens, Redbud
  • Shrubs: Gardenia, Hydrangeas, Forsythia
  • Vines: moonflower, clematis
  • Perennials:Rosemary, lavender, Iris, day lilies, gladiolas, lenten roses, 4 o’Clocks
  • Veggies: tomatoes, basil, cilantro, leaf lettuce, squash, okra, beans, onions


Favorite Chicken Tip: Beware!  Chickens become an addiction!  Every cliche’ referenced to chickens is true!  Once your coupe is established, they’re relatively easy to maintain.  Keeping fresh water, of course, and food waste is no longer waste!  They eat just about everything!  They’re curious creatures and will make you feel like a rock star in your back yard they way the flock runs to greet you.  The draw back…nothing is safe in the back yard.  They won’t notice a plant for months and out of the blue they will eat it down to the nubbins!  I highly recommend chickens.  

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