Life’s a garden, dig it!

Life’s a garden, dig it!

Eclectic garden filled with herbs, vegetables (including an asparagus bed and root vegetables), pollinators, recycled and repurposed art (made by Jim Curlin), butterfly haven and a shade garden. Our yard is filled with several seating areas and much love. We grow vegetables all four seasons, and make a point of trying something new every year.

Homeowners:  Amber Kessler + Jim Curlin     Address:   Felix Avenue

Circa:   1912     Garden Age:     10 years

Jim’s business:  Estate Lawns (901-758-8520) lawn-care service


  • Vines: climbing wisteria, fragrant jasmine, clematis, loofah
  • Perennials: lavender, coneflowers, Four O’Clocks, lemon verbena, chamomile
  • Vegetables:  asparagus, beans, spinach, lettuces, tomatoes, cabbage, squash, garlic, chard, cucumbers
Garden Philosophy:  We are passionate about sustainable living and strive to utilize our space wisely including vertical gardens, containers, climbers and companion planting. We love to talk dirt and have 2 active composts. “Every plant gets a buddy and every plant gets a chance”. 

Favorite Garden Tip: To garden organically, we use companion planting along with bone meal and cayenne pepper ( and dogs) to keep critters away.

Enjoy a Recipe from the Gardener

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