This terraced front garden packs a wallop in a tiny space. River rock edged beds contain shade loving azaleas, hosts, and a redbud.  The secret back garden is an oasis of cool tropical plants for a backyard retreat.

Homeowners: Chris Harris + Chad Knight    Address:  S. Cox Street

Circa:   1920       Garden Age:   years

Garden Philosophy : 95% of everything in my garden has been salvaged from other’s cast-offs and pass-a-long plants.  Even the stone for the dry retaining wall.  With patience and a plan, you can have a beautiful, creative garden without spending money. Favorite Garden Tip : Grow shady plants in a shady garden.  Don’t fight nature.  Also, repeat plants throughout for a unified look.

  • Trees:  fig, redbud
  • Shrubs: azaleas, hydrangeas, gardenias, privet hedge, gold dust japonica
  • Perennials: hostas, ferns, lenten roses, ajuga, banana plants, elephant ears
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