My garden is anchored with large old oak trees creating a shaded canopy for big beds of azaleas, hydrangeas, dogwoods and Japanese maples. Because I love lush southern gardens you find in New Orleans, I have infused my garden with ferns, evergreen ground covers and blooming perennials. I love color, so I have plants that present interesting color throughout the year.

Homeowners:  Bonnie & David Thornton

Address:  Chickasaw Road

Garden Age:  18 years


  • Trees:  dogwood, redbuds, Japanese maple, gingko,  coral bark maple, red and yellow twig dogwoods, Camellias, Palms, oaks
  • Shrubs:  Forsythia, azaleas, hydrangeas
  • Vines: clemetis, 
  • Perennials: peonies, narcissus, summer phlox, hardy hibiscus, rudbeckia, baptisia, lenten roses, lungwort, ferns, hostas, 


Garden Philosophy: My garden is truly a cottage garden. Many plants have been shared from other gardeners, and I am a frequent shopper of plant nurseries seeking out the unusual. I have a fondness for tropicals and use them to add color and whimsey. My garden is Informal, extremely casual and over planted to create the feel of an old southern garden designed to be enjoyed.


Favorite Garden Tip :If you plant with a nod to seasonal color, there is always a point of interest to catch the eye.

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