This compact, cozy courtyard garden is the perfect antidote for city living.  Cool blues and greens mix with pink, purple, and yellow flowers. Easy gardening on the river.

Homeowners: Bob Morrison + Joe Roach

Address: Rover Breeze Drive, Harbor Town

Garden Age: 2 years


  • Trees:  Eastern Red Bud
  • Shrubs: Azaleas, Pittosporum, Euonymus,  & Bamboo
  • Vines: Clematis, Cardinal climbers, Spanish Flag, Mandeville , Moon flowers, & Morning glories
  • Perennials:  Agapanthus, Crocosmia, Breaded Iris, Prairie Phlox,  Canna, Shasta Daisies, Oriental Lilies, Oxalis, Hydrangea, & Clematis
  • Annuals:  Tithonia, Tick Weeds, Cosmos, Dianthus,  Snapdragons, Dragon Wing Begonias,  Candy Tufts, Jack-In-The-Pulpits,  Dahlias, & Caladiums.

Garden Philosophy:  Every gardener needs three things:  (1) very favorite flowers used every year (mine are Agapanthus, Beard Iris, & Crocosmia, (2) a nursery for starting seeds, cuttings, & helping struggling plants, and (3) a shop steward (my dog “Lark” oversees everything I do).

Favorite Garden Tip : We moved from northern NJ (zone 5B) with an acre of flower gardens to a cement patio in Harbor Town (zone 8A). Adapting to the horticultural zone changes and “pot-only” gardening has been a real challenge. Under similar circumstances, one simply should experiment, take chances, and enjoy the consequences – regardless.

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