This secret, shady garden is brimming with beauty. Walk the winding paths, stop to sit and watch the wildlife, discover unusual plants, and fon’t forget to find the hidden art pieces.

Homeowners:      Ann + Bill Schultz


Address:  Hallwood Drive


Neighborhood:  Vollintine-Evergreen


Garden Age:   15 years

Favorite Garden Tip : Having a ‘green thumb’ is no more than paying attention to plant requirements.  Soil preparation and good drainage is at least 50% of what allows plants to flourish.  Paying attention to water and light/sun requirements for each type of plant is the other half.

Garden Philosophy:  My approach to gardening has always been to let nature take its course, so I refrain from pruning shrubbery and trees except to keep them in bounds and I let the garden naturalize.  I don’t mind most invasive type plants, either those that spread by runner or those that self sow.  This attitude comes with a price, i.e., I spend a lot of time thinning out plants to maintain some definition in the garden, otherwise my garden would look like an overgrown jungle.  I’ve even allowed a neighbor’s bamboo to invade a defined area in the back garden (yikes!) to provide a screen between a gazebo area and the greenhouse and composting area.  This required substantial work to keep it confined to a certain area.  I’ve built deep subterranean cinderblock walls that effectively keep it out of the greenhouse and the rest of the garden.  I am not a fan of turf, so I’ve created beds where turf once grew when we bought the house.  I use overhead irrigation and take advantage of the shade from towering oaks and understory trees (e.g. Japanese maples, Chinese Parasol) to cultivate moss, weeding out other grasses and weeds.  I like to create various garden “rooms” with seating areas and pathways that disappear beyond shrubs. I love aquatic plants and think water features add so much to the landscape.  I try to incorporate lots of yard art, including a large collection of Tim Pace’s scrap metal art.  Lastly, I believe an urban garden can extend to the street curb.  I have just begun digging up Zoysia in our front yard, which is the only place in the yard with full sun. I’m excited to finally plant sun-loving plants, both flowers and vegetables!!  I was encouraged to see the article in the latest Edible Memphis that is promoting this very activity and featuring some of Midtown’s gardens to the curb.


  • Trees:  red/white oaks, Crepe Myrtle, Japanese Maple, Chinese Parasol, Sweet Bay Magnolia, Holly, Banana, Photinia. Pine, False Cypress, Buckeye, Edgeworthia, Bamboo, Cherry Laurel, Plumeria (overwinters inside), Camelia, Shrubby St. John’s wort, Japanese Aralia
  • Shrubs: hydrangeas (30+), sweetshrub, juniper, rhododendron, laurel, azaleas, fothergilia, Japanese plum yew, evergreen clematis, butterfly bush, strawberry bush, gardenia, nandina, boxwood, 
  • Perennials: coneflower, daylily, lilies, irises, Russian sage, Indian Pink, confederate jasmine, goldenrod, aster, spiderwort, phlox, verbena, rosemary, mint, hostas, crocosmia, wild ginger, 
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