This colorful, purple and white  house and garden is lovingly tended by Barry + Betty Thomas.  They love concrete materials and have mixed statuary and flowers for a striking garden.  4 concrete lions mark the entrance to the house. Each season, they change out the annual flowers and add decorations for the holidays.  

Homeowners:  Betty & Barry Thomas

Address: James Street, Soulsville

Garden Age: 15 years


  • Trees: Crepe Myrtle 
  • Shrubs: roses, boxwood, privet
  • Vines: 
  • Perennials: mums, pansies, elephant ears, hostas, 
  • Annuals:  petunias, pansies, zinnias

Garden Philosophy: We like to use recycled objects in our garden. My husband, Barry, made our birdbath out of a found base. Then he used a tire to cast the basin in concrete.  The front porch is painted to mimic the tile of the walkway and steps.

Favorite Garden Tip : I prefer plants that don’t need to be spoiled. I  cut my roses down every September so they’ll bloom prolifically in the summer.

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