This master gardener’s garden is a soothing retreat from city life.  Large trees shade this oasis, while understory trees and shrubs add structure and dimension.  Lush flower beds of ferns, hostas, and lilies provide soothing green. Accents come from the numerous colorful containers and blue whimsical pieces.  Stately statuary and bubbly fountain make you want to find a cosy spot and enjoy the wildlife show.


Homeowners:  Betty Nolan

Address: N. Highland Street

Garden Age: 25 yrs


  • Trees: red and white oaks, dogwoods,  holly, redbuds, ginkgo, bald cypress, Star magnolia, cedar, magnolia grandiflora, and cherries.
  • Shrubs: azaleas, hollies
  • Vines: clematis
  • Perennials:  salvias, coneflowers, cardinal flower, milkweed, loosestrife, bee balm, amsonia, turk’s cap,Louisiana iris, Indian pink, bronze fennel, Oriental and asiatic lilies, daffodils.
  • Annuals:  begonias, coleus, caladiums and shrimp plant. For fall, I plant violas and pansies, but prefer violas as they hold up better after freezes and ice.

Garden Philosophy:  Have color in my garden for all the seasons.

Favorite Garden Tip : Do not be afraid to try growing almost anything in pots or containers.

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