Jewel Box Garden

This lovely, compact front garden explodes with jewel tone colors. Every square inch is packed with magenta, burgundy, chartreuse, hot pink, and white flowers.


Homeowners:  Bessie & Ed Cotton

Address: Hugenot Street – Orange Mound

Garden Age: 43 years


  • Trees:  
  • Shrubs: Roses, hydrangeas, hibiscus
  • Vines: Black-eyed Susan vine, morning glory
  • Perennials: ferns,  4-o’clocks, 
  • Annuals:  impatients, coleus, 

Garden Philosophy: I like colorful, pretty flowers and buy whatever grabs my eye. Some years are better than others.  My advice is to “Keep Planting, Don’t Give Up”.

Favorite Garden Tip : I always put bark mulch down after I plant my flowers. My garden gets hot, and the mulch helps conserve the moisture.

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