This 5+ acre retreat has it all:  native plants and trees galore, stunning built structures by the homeowner, a meadow, woods, and a pond. A wildlife haven that draws birds, bees, deer, frogs, butterflies and dragonflies.

Homeowners:   Anne + Bob Krekelberg

Address: East Bartlett

Neighborhood:  Berlinwood

Garden Age:   15 years


  • Trees:  elm, oak, cedar, walnut, red bud, dogwood, buckeye
  • Shrubs: Nine bark, button bush, hydrangeas, peonies, butterfly bush, bluebeard bush, roses
  • Vines: honeysuckle, clematis
  • Perennials: asclepias, monarda, iris, columbine, baptisia, mayapples

Garden Philosophy:  Gardening is for the birds…and the bees, butterflies, dragonflies, deer, frogs, toads, water snakes & whatever other critter happens along. We want them to eat the berries & seeds, lay eggs on leaves & feast on whatever they find.


Favorite Garden Tip : Don’t plant anything too valuable that will make you worry it will be destroyed.

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