150 Shades of Green

Stone, turf & moss walks guide through progressively “wilder” and shadier gardens tied together by uniform hardscaping materials (Nottaway Arkansas fieldstone & reclaimed brick), and boxwood.  Cottage-style mixed borders & hedges face the neighborhood, while stone terraces behind the house lead the way to woodland gardens built under mature hardwood trees on either side of a former buggy lane.

Homeowners: Andy Williams & John Morris

Address: Normandy Park

Neighborhood: East Memphis

Garden Age: 15 years


  • Trees:  Magnolias (big-leaf, southern, bay & star), Chinese fringe tree, oaks, maples & elms
  • Shrubs:  Boxwood, hydrangeas, buckeyes, laurels, Fothergila,  Clethera, Ocala anise, holly
  • Vines:  Crossvine, Virginia creeper (used as groundcover)
  • Perennials:  false indigo, coneflower, showy primrose, sea holly, leadwort, barrenwort, ginger, houttuynia, ginger, columbine, phlox, ferns, hostas, moss
  • Annuals:  Cleome, snapdragons

Garden Philosophy:  Designing garden plant communities is a hybrid of ecology & horticulture which takes into account the unique features of the space, and the effects of time.  Gardening is a series of decisions made throughout the life of a planting.


Favorite Garden Tip : Don’t go through undue effort to make soil richer, eliminate shade, or irrigate (or drain).  Instead, embrace plants that tolerate & thrive in your garden conditions.

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