Chinese Parasol Tree has a very unusual appearance for a deciduous tree, having green stems and bark and extremely large, three to five-lobed bright green leaves. Most people either love it or hate it due to its striking habit and coarse texture. Each leaf is up to 12 inches across and casts as much shade as an actual parasol. Chinese Parasol Tree has a dense, upright, oval canopy and reaches 35 to 50 feet in height, spreading 15 to 20 feet.  In June or July, 10 to 20-inch-long, upright, loose, terminal panicles of yellow/green blooms appear and are followed by the production of peculiar pods which split open into four petal-like sections to reveal the small, round seeds. These pods are often harvested for use in winter decorations. The foliage of Chinese Parasol Tree can turn brilliant yellow before dropping the fall to reveal interesting branching structure of green limbs.