Praise-worthy Porches enhance any home’s value and livability.  Porches are extra living rooms, drawing you outside for entertaining, eating, reading, relaxing, and people watching. While many homes have porches, not everyone uses them effectively. If your porch is less than inviting, try these ideas to make your porch praise-worthy. Bet you’ll spend more time outside.

Avoiding your porch because there’s not enough privacy?

Consider colorful curtains or netting for a sense of  privacy and cosiness. Add containers, hanging baskets, vines, or banana plants for additional privacy.

Porch surfaces, drab or ugly?

Consider bright cushions and furniture.  You could even paint the floors and walls cheerful colors. Add paintings on the wall for more color. Don’t forget to add a swing!

Don’t like the view of cars.

 Plant shrubs and trees to block the street and enjoy your private garden.  The passer-bys will, also.

Don’t like BUGS!

Paint your ceiling with Blue Haint Paint, hang up mosquito netting, screen in your porch.