New Years Resolutions Header fixed
Have you made yours?

The world is divided into 2 camps–those that make New Year’s Resolutions, and those that don’t.

Being born on December 31st, I ‘ve always made it a huge point to painstaking make a list of yearly resolutions—you know the usual, fix all my failings….eat healthier, exercise more, be less driven, floss daily, etc.

Don’t know about your success sticking with resolutions, but I usually throw in the towel after the second week. Looking at prior lists, I think I know why. My lists were always about things I hated instead of things I loved.

This year, my list is going to be pure pleasure. Let’s see how well I do.

2019 Resolutions

  • Read my unread garden books, then pass them on.
  • Have lunch out with a friend at least once a week.
  • Attend the Garden Blogger’s Fling in Denver.
  • Attend the GWA in Salt Lake.
  • Take an art class.
  • Grow our garden walk attendees to 1000+.
  • Redo the area under my fig tree with mass plantings of beauty–something that handles the dry soil and our rambunctious rescue Rottweiler.
  • Learn Latin plant names.
  • Master WordPress Gutenberg (some pain expected)
  • Galavant more.
  • Reinstate date night with hubby.
  • Do something new weekly.
  • Stop and Smell the Roses more.

Looking over my pleasure list, I feel pretty excited….this should be a piece of cake. Even if I fail, I still win……

What about you? What are your Pleasure Resolutions for 2019?