I ordered 2 yards of soil amendment from Bill Abresch and find the consistency, look, feel amazing.  Filled all my raised beds and can’t wait to see how my flowers + vegetables grow this year.

Here is the Living soil ratio of materials:

  • 40% composted leaf mulch, 40% composted horse manure, 20% worm castings, and has probiotics.

The cost was $60 per yard + $30 delivery fee. Add in Bill’s vast knowledge of gardening tips and it was a great deal.

I highly recommend his services. Prompt, professional, pleasant, and price friendly.  I will be definitely using his soil again, the next time I top off my beds.

Check out his Bills Organic webpage   and Bills Organic FB page

Bill has also given talks to local garden groups on soil building, and sells his produce.

Bill Abresch living soil fills my veggie bed

fabulous consistency, color, texture–Billsorganic.com