Yard of the Month: 1893 Oliver

Name: Caleb Simmons, Mark Lambert and Jonathan Pearson

Address: 1893 Oliver Avenue

Types of flowers/plants/trees: Flower beds along the front porch are lined with red begonias and geraniums contrasted with variegated liriope and small boxwood shrubs with a backdrop of red-stemmed ferns and tall nandina shrubs. Surrounding the large elm tree are various green plants and shrubs, including native hydrangea, large elephant ears and ferns, complemented with a variety of colorful day lilies of differing heights and sizes.

In the back yard, curved flower beds are lined with yellow day lilies, crimson barberry and firepower dwarf nandina in front of tall evergreen hedges. A large maple tree is surrounded by lush greenery including various species of hosta, cannis, large elephant ears, liriope, Louisiana swamp iris and banana trees, accented by various colorful annuals and a water fountain.

Additional information: We have lived in the house since 2007. When we purchased the property, the yard was pretty much a blank slate, which offered us a chance to develop it to fit our personality. Caleb is originally from South Louisiana and we would visit often. We wanted to duplicate the tropical lushness of the area in our own backyard. The first spring we moved in, Caleb’s mother visited for two weeks to help us pick out plants and come up with a plan; it has been a work in progress ever since. We love living in Cooper-Young because of the wonderful neighbors and great places to hang out. One of our favorite activities is to host small get-togethers in our back yard for our friends, neighbors and family.