Perennials provide beauty year after year

By Sydney Ashby
Do not let the fact that Sandy Furrh’s yard is composed mostly of perennials make you think that she doesn’t work hard each week to keep her yard beautiful. Although she is not planting flowers and shrubs each year, you can bank on the fact that she will be up early every Saturday morning weeding, trimming, mowing, edging, and watering. This consistent dedication has produced a colorful, tidy, and unique yard at 1993 Nelson.
With lantana near the walkway, Sandy also has verbena, lavender, iris, salvia, cone flowers, ruellia, and rosemary bordering her entire yard. Hostas and other groundcover are up against the house, while a huge and healthy fern sits in a stone planter on her front porch. A Chinese maple (under which one of her cats, Cali, likes to lounge) and a ginkgo tree add balance and girth to the yard.
Sandy has lived in Cooper-Young for over 20 years with her husband Walter, where they have raised a daughter and two sons. She says that anytime she is working in her garden, “I get a chance to see first hand what a vibrant and active neighborhood CY is. I always have multiple conversations with my neighbors when I’m out working.” So, stop by on a Saturday morning and let Sandy know how much you appreciate her making our neighborhood beautiful.