Yard of the Month: Simple Gardening Simply Stunning

By Libby Flynt

Chris and Danny at 1872 Felix are our lucky winners of Yard of the Month this month! They moved to Cooper-Young in 2010 after a friend discovered their house and completed some major renovations. Chris has some great gardening tips for keeping it simple. He uses trailing vinca in the front beds because they have color, can handle the heat, and don’t get too spindly. Their boxwoods and evergreens are beautifully shaped, and after a very long battle with crabgrass (the only solution is dig it up by the roots), Chris and Danny have a lovely spread of Bermuda. Chris mows diagonal and vertical to get that even cut!  On the porch are Kimberly Queen ferns, which shed less than others, and tropicals, including a lemon tree that Danny grew from seed! Remember folks, the tropicals have to come in for winter but they love our summers.

Chris and Danny have done an outstanding job!