CY family creates a refuge from the heat

    By Sydney Ashby

    You would not notice it by walking or driving by 2072 Oliver, but there is an oasis just up the front porch steps. Lisa Marr and Steve Lancaster, along with her daughters, Brittany and Mallory, have created a lovely, shaded area on their front porch that is easily ten degrees cooler than the outside temperature. As you pass their home you will, however, notice the bright flowers at the end of their walkway, which includes lantana, vinca, petunias, and moss rose. To the right you also cannot help but admire the vibrant sweet potato vine surrounding the birdbath.

    Steve keeps up the lawn, colorful vines, and floral accents. Lisa does her part by keeping many potted plants and lush greenery on their front porch Shangri-la. Besides the plants, there are iron works of art and wind chimes that help create a relaxed and inviting mood, while shades help keep out the sun and fans create airflow.

    Lisa has lived in Cooper-Young since 1987, and she and her household love it because of the “wonderful neighbors, lovely historic homes, and a community that honors unique expression.” Steve has lived in just about every area of Memphis and has decided that there is absolutely no better place to be than Cooper-Young. So, take time to enjoy the colorful yard and say hello to Steve and Lisa. They are probably sitting on their front porch, enjoying the neighborhood.