November’s garden club met at Kim’s house to elect the new 2018-2020  garden club board members. This was fitting since our very first garden club meeting was held January 2015 in Kim’s living room. It was here that our club met with 11 interested gardeners to create the Cooper-Young Garden Club.  It’s hard to believe all that we have accomplished in just three years time. Please applaud our first elected board members for serving and taking us so far as a club.

We happily look forward to passing the torch to this new garden club board, knowing that we are in great hands.  Let’s applaud these members for stepping up and agreeing to serve! Can’t wait to see what new ideas and changes they bring to our club.

President:  Sharron Johnson

1st Vice President:  Jim Wilson

2nd Vice President:  Marguerite Zeller

Secretary:  JJ James

Treasurer:  Katie McHaney