CY Garden Club

Join our Dynamic Club!


Why join the Cooper-Young Garden Club?

Because we’re a dynamic club that likes to have fun and get things done!
Anyone interested in gardening is welcome to join our club; you don’t need to live in our neighborhood.

Our members include men, women, of all ages and garden experience. We enjoy growing and talking about plants. We also swap plants and look for ways to make our neighborhood beautiful.

Guests! You are welcome to attend two free meetings before joining the club. Dues are only $20 a year, which includes $8 for The Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs. Family memberships are $30 (two persons at same mailing address).


Our club meets the Third Wednesday of each month, 6-8 pm. Our location varies between club members homes or Stone Soup Cafe, 993 S. Cooper Street.

The meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. with a potluck. At 6:30, there is a scheduled speaker or club program and it ends with a short business meeting.


The Cooper-Young Garden Club:

  • celebrates gardening
  • cultivates beautiful spaces
  • connects gardeners for friendship, volunteerism, and neighborhood beautification projects


Our Club began January 2015 with 11 members but has grown to 30+ members. In 2016, we became a member of the Tennessee Federated Garden Club, District 1. Our club organization is under the umbrella of the Cooper-Young Community Association. This is a 501(c)3 organization, whose EIN # is 41-3203634.


  • President: Sharron Johnson
  • 1st Vice President: Jim Wilson
  • 2nd Vice-President: Connie Arduini
  • Secretary:  Marguerite Zeller
  • Treasurer:  Katie McHaney
  • Publicity + Garden Walk Co-Chair: Kim Halyak


Date of Meeting, Topic/Speaker, Location of Meeting

  • Jan. 16, 6 pm, Knife Sharpening, Stone Soup Cafe, 993 Cooper
  • Feb. 20, 6 pm, Seed Swap + Tour of new Garden Center, Palladio, 2231 Central Avenue
  • Mar. 20, 6 pm, Growing Seeds– Vegetative Propagation–Seed SwapDan Elgart, 2072 Felix
  • Apr. 17, 6 pm, Garden Walk Reception, Stone Soup Cafe, 994 Cooper, 6pm-9 pm (Garden Hosts, Sponsors, Press)
  • May 15, 6 pm, No meeting this month. Get ready for Garden Walk
  • June 19, 6 pm, Growing + Caring for Roses, Judith Rutschman, 2053 Nelson
  • July 17, 6 pm, Designing with Native Plants, Suzi Askew,  Palladio, 2231 Central Avenue
  • Aug. 21, 6 pm, Beekeeping, Bob Whitworth, 1051 Blythe Street
  • Sept. 18, 6 pm, Butterflies, Susan Wallace, 1980 Nelson Avenue
  • Oct. 16, 6 pm, Growing Exotic Mushrooms, Donna Manley, 1031 Philadelphia,
  • Nov. 20, 6 pm, Club Anniversary, Election of Officers, Membership Drive, 899 Blythe St.
  • Dec TBA, 6 pm, Holiday Party, Bring Dirty Santa Gift, 805 S. Cox.


  • Annual Cooper-Young Garden Walk
  • Hosts monthly garden club meetings on informative topics
  • Awards “C Y We Beautify” neighborhood beautification grants
  • Award monthly: “Yard of the Month, Business of the Month, + Beauty Grows Here” signs
  • Established Certified Level 3 Arboretum
  • Weeding/mulching Ginkgo Trees along Cooper
  • Adds + Maintains gateway planters
  • Decorate the Gazebo for the winter holidays
  • Adopted Spanish Memorial Park
  • Tree Reimbursement Program
  • Help Peabody Elem. Garden Club with garden projects
  • Publish garden club blog
  • Publish monthly garden articles for Lamplighter
  • Assist with CYCA monthly “Yard-a-Month” cleanups for elderly or medically challenged neighbors
  • Participate in neighborhood “St. Patrick’s Day Parade”
  • Member of:
    • Memphis Travel Bureau, Cooper-Young Community Association, Cooper-Young Business Association, and District 1, Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs (TFGC).
  • Gives talks about beautification ideas to other groups around MidSouth



We have members who can talk about:

  • Composting
  • Creating Container Gardens
  • Best trees for the Midsouth
  • Native Plants
  • Ways to Transform Memphis through Gardening

Cooper-Young Garden Club provides speakers that participate in a variety of corporate, educational and community events.

We provide speakers free of charge but ask that you consider making a donation to the Cooper-Young Garden Club. (Mileage beyond 10 miles will be reimbursed at .53 a mile).

Please submit your request at least four weeks in advance.  Submission of this request does not guarantee, confirm or arrange a speaker for your event.  You will be contacted by a member of the Cooper-Young Garden Club team to follow up on your request.

Include the following information in your request and send to

  • Organization
  • Name of Requestor
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Date of presentation
  • Time of presentation
  • Length of presentation
  • Location
  • Event purpose / theme
  • Speaking topic
  • Anticipated audience size
  • Demographic of the audience
  • What Audiovisual you provide

Thank you.