We took a break from meeting at the CYCA office to meet at Judi Shellabarger’s House + Garden.  It’s always great fun seeing each other’s gardens and getting new ideas. It was a packed meeting as many of our garden walk hosts picked up their garden walk signs and informational packets. Everyone is excited about this year’s walk and there is a feeling of preparedness and calm not seen at last year’s meeting….lol…..guess we’re becoming experts at this.

Kim reminded everyone to enjoy the process and even passed out a humorous handout with suggestions for last-minute ways to disguise/excuse garden mishaps…well, you just never know what” Mother Nature” might deal us.

Membership dues were paid, and T-shirt orders placed. We are excited that we are doing a Garden Walk t-shirt this year and hope all garden hosts buy one or more.A great memento of our amazing accomplishments as a young garden club!

Please continue to spread the word about our garden walk. Let me know if you want t sell tickets.

Thanks for all you do to make this event magical and inspiring!