photo-Lisa Orgler

3rd Annual Cooper-Young Garden Walk

“Cooper-Young Goes Native” showcasing Native Plants in urban settings

May 19-20, 2018 from 9 am- 5 pm

The Cooper-Young Garden Walk treats you to a tour of the most unforgettable neighborhood in Memphis.  Whether you call us quirky or creative, expect to experience wide-eyed wonder at our unique ideas for urban spaces. And that’s just our gardens! 

You’ll get an up-close look at 75+ urban gardens that range from tiny private spaces to robust hardscapes for outdoor entertaining. While you are here soaking up the beauty of lush greenery, fragrant shrubs, and colorful flowers, feel free to learn a few things too. You’ll see beehives, urban chickens, and compost in action. Our native plant theme will inspire you to help us bring more pollinators back to Memphis. Our garden art and garden structures will remind you that you aren’t limited by the size of your space, only the size of your imagination. Pick up even more information at booths operated by master gardeners, native plant experts, and many more.

Our tree-lined streets are now a nationally registered arboretum. Our architectural gems ranging from Queen Anne to Craftsman bungalows to charming one-of-a-kind shotgun houses are making their way toward Historic Landmark designation.  If you want to people-watch, we have those too. We are as diverse as our architecture with as many varieties of talents as the varieties of trees. The one thing you will see in all of us is community pride.

We like being offbeat, but we’re not off the beaten path. Our retail and restaurant district have no rivals. Memphis art, Memphis music, and Memphis food are bundled up nicely in a welcoming, walkable stretch of sensory delights. 

Walk, bike, take the bus or drive. We have bike lanes, bike rentals, ample parking, and a shuttle bus at designated areas. We make it easy for you to experience what is fast becoming the best urban garden walk in the South. Come watch us grow as we beautify our neighborhood one garden at a time!

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