Shoutout to Givecamp Memphis / AIGA Design for Good

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Givecamp Memphis / AIGA Design for Good are two outstanding organizations that deserve recognition for all they do for the Memphis Community annually. This past weekend, webpage designers, marketers, database experts, graphic designers, and writers donated their time and talent for free to help 14 local nonprofits with needed services.

This yearly event attracts over 70 volunteers who pair up with 14 nonprofits and transform the nonprofit’s wishes into reality. The nonprofit organizations chosen this year included: Cooper-Young Garden Walk, Juice Orange Mount, People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws, Memphis Family Connection Center, Sweet Checks Diaper Ministry, Clean Memphis, OUTMemphis, Heal The Heart, Knowledge Quest, Inner L.I.G.H.T. Community Development, Hoof and Hound Rescue, Collegiate Life Investment Foundation, Bridges, and Fayette Cares.

Work begins in earnest Friday evening when nonprofit representatives share their needs and wishes. Then the magic happens as coders, developers, and graphic designers work enthusiastically from Friday 5:30pm-11pm, Sat. 7:30am-11pm, and Sunday 7:30am-3:00pm.  In between, there are hearty meals, unending snacks, and lots of great conversation. Sunday, 3 pm, all work stops. Everyone heads back to the Fishbowl to decompress and present the final projects.  There’s a great sense of accomplishment and pride seeing what each team has created in such a short time.  

We at Cooper-Young Garden Walk are thrilled with our results and want to thank our team for all they accomplished.  Kudos to Julia Zou for our beautiful new logo,    Victoria Law and Aaron Chakraborty for our webpage redesign, Cooper-Young  Garden Walk and Athena Baker for marketing ideas going forward.

Thanks to Beth G. Sanders for explaining Divi.  A special thanks to Brian Swenson, Mike Cochran, Lance Hilliard, and Adam Robertson, for organizing and putting on Givecamp yearly.  This is a community event all nonprofits should look into.  Here’s the Givecamp link.