Passionately planting seeds of beauty, community, and pride, 1 garden at a time.

Cooper Young Garden Club

Four years ago, a small idea germinated and the Cooper Young Garden Club was founded. Beginning with 11 members, we’ve grown to almost 40. What sets our club apart is our diversity—men and women, youngsters and oldsters, experienced gardeners and those just getting the bug. Our members come from not only Cooper Young, but East Memphis, Millington, Wolf Chase and Harbor Town.

We held our 4th anniversary meeting and annual membership drive, Nov. 14th, to celebrate our successes and welcome interested new members. Despite our first snowfall that night, 10 members braved the cold to come out and talk plants. Ruth McElroy joined as a new member. Thank you, Ruth. Members signed up to host future garden club meetings and help decorate the gazebo for the holidays.

Looking back on not only this year’s accomplishments but over these past four years, the club members have much to be proud of. Please thank them when you see them.


  • Monthly garden meetings
  • Annual Garden Walk
  • Neighborhood Level 3 Arboretum + tree arboretum app
  • Tree reimbursement program
  • Ginkgo Trees weeding + mulching
  • Container Pots at neighborhood entrances + CYBA office
  • Decorate gazebo for holidays
  • Adopted Spanish Memorial Park
  • Spanish Memorial Park tree plantings and clean-ups
  • Yard-a-Month cleanups assistance
  • Lamplighter garden articles
  • “Yard of the Month” , “Business of the Month” and “Beauty Grows Here” signs
  • Neighborhood garden contests
  • Garden website
  • TN Federation of Garden Clubs, CYCA, CYBA, + Memphis Visitors’ Bureau memberships
  • Fund “C Y We Beautify” Grants
  • “Planting the Parkways” Project members participation
  • Garden Speaking engagementsaround town
  • Giant Bug Hotel” installed at Peabody Elementary School
  • Peabody Elem. Garden Club partnership
  • Purchased camera for CYNW Program
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade Participant

As you can see, our club belies the image of the matronly gardener with sun hat and sneakers. We love to have fun and we love to make the space around us beautiful. Come join our dynamic group, anyone interested in gardening is always welcome.

Let’s make 2019 bloom in peace and beauty!