Thanks to the GiveCamp Sponsors!

GiveCamp Memphis is an amazing group of web designers, graphic artists, coders, and marketing gurus that donate their time, talent, and technical skills one weekend every February to deserving 501C3 organizations.

The Cooper Young Garden Club was one of the eight lucky recipients chosen for a complete technology makeover.  It was a dream come true, especially since most of our club members are not tech savvy. We had no idea what to expect other than we were told to bring in plenty of work to keep them busy. Hah, did we come up with a wishlist!  Could they help us create a webpage, show us how to build databases, embed active forms on our site, link our arboretum map, create 2 logos, and help us create a collaborative task sheet for our garden walk?  Well, they not only did all those things in 36 hours, they also built us an app for our soon to be certified level 3 arboretum!

The whole experience took place at the UOM Fed Ex Institute of Technology and met Friday night, 5-11pm, Saturday 8am-11pm, and Sunday 8am-5pm. It was a real bootcamp of technology creativity, computer geek humor, great meals, serious discussions, and laughter  when problems got solved.

The Cooper Young Garden Club is thrilled to have been a part of this experience . A special shout out to these individuals who collectively worked on all our projects:  George Spake, Beth Sanders, Rod Thompson, Will Kalish, Sean Denny, and Brian Lee. Apologies to anyone I’ve inadvertently left off.

A huge thank you also to the companies above that provided web hosting, plugins, donations, and more. Please tell them thank you when you see them.

Judi + I learning about GiveCamp’s mission.