Cheatham-Barron House Garden

    Cheatham-Barron House Garden

    The historic Cheatham-Barron House Garden is based on the principles and elements of design. Most don’t know that through Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, the origins of the principles and elements go as far back as the Roman Empire in the first century BC. They not only apply to design but all the fine arts including interior design which I taught for 22 years. The principles are: focus (focal point); balance; proportion & scale; harmony & rhythm. The elements applied are:  line; form; space; color; texture; light (shade & shadow) & pattern. Please walk through and find these elements at work.

    Homeowners:  Randall Witherington   + Kerry Palmertree           Address:  Blythe Street

    Circa: 1887             Garden Age:  35 years


    • Trees:  European Hornbeams, American Elm, Laurel, Crepe Myrtle, Red Horizon Maple, Japanese Maple
    • Shrubs: Boxwoods, azaleas, hydrangeas, Nandina, Camelias, Hollies, Anise, Mock Orange, Mahonia, Gardenias, yews, roses, Euonymus
    • Vines:  Clematis, jasmine, vinca, periwinkle, honeysuckles, cross vine, ivy
    • Perennials: acanthus, hollyhocks, ferns, hostas, lenten roses, lantana, verbena, irises, lilies, aluminum plant

    Garden Philosophy:   Strong design lines make a garden look great all 4 seasons.

    Favorite Garden Tip:  Evergreen plants give you color and structure year round.  

    Enjoy a Recipe from the Gardener

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