See the garden and Jayebird Studio, as well as the “catico” built for Hedy Lamar, rescued from Lamar Ave. Enjoy the glassed-in back porch with vintage colored glass. The back yard is becoming a New Orleans-style courtyard. See the bright red bottle tree with vintage soda bottles and black iron fountain from my parents’ antique store in Arkansas. Also featured is  the chicken coop and an arbor that pops against a spirit blue fence along with multiple container gardens throughout the yard. There are found objects everywhere!


  • Homeowners: Mollie Riggs + Jolie Love     
  • Address:  Elzey Street    Circa:  1920                                                 

Garden Philosophy: Art is a Harmony Parallel to Nature ~ Cezanne     

Favorite Garden Tip :  Add art pieces to your garden just like you add art to your home.  

Mollie Riggs, artist, specializes in Fine Art, Faux Finishes, Murals, and Restoration.

Enjoy a Recipe from the Gardener

  • Trees: Crepe Myrtle, Meyer Lemon, Parasol, Black Walnut, Banana Trees
  • Shrubs: Mature Holly Bushes trimmed like topiary, Hydrangeas, Gardenia, Rose, Aucuba, Nandina
  • Vines:Clematis, Red Cypress, Honeysuckle, Jasmine
  • Perennials: Astilbe, Jerusalem Artichokes, Blanket Flowers, Cone Flower, Dianthus, Speedwell, Tickseed, Lantana, Mexican Petunia, Tiger Lilies, Columbine, Verbena, Primrose, Arrows Rush, Iris, Daffodil, Red Spider Lily, Plantain Lily, Blue Angel Hosta, Alocasia, Autumn Fern, Christmas Fern, Stone Crop Sedum, Goldmoss Sedum, Creeping Jenny, Ajuga, WIld Begonia, Yucca, Cast Iron Plant, Liverwort, Spiderwort, Linton Rose, Yellow Archangels
  • Herbs: Basil, Oregano, Dill, Curry, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary, Fish Mint, Lavender, Bee Balm
  • Inside to Outside Plants: Agave, Angel Trumpet, Bird of Paradise, Air Plants, Colocasia, Schefflera, Philodendron

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